We manufacture Bonded Leather, a material made out of the selected fibers obtained from the chrome shavings from tanneries and the bark tanned sole cuttings from shoe factories. These fibers are properly re-tanned; fat liquored with softening oils and bound with natural latex and synthetic binders. We specially ensure that all the chemicals used in the process are eco-friendly and strictly refrain form using any dyes and chemicals which are not Azo, benzedine or PCP free.

The Bonded Leather produced by us can be used in practically, all applications where leather is used and therefore, is an important raw material in Footwear and Leather goods industry. Due to scarcity of leather worldwide, it is increasingly being substituted with Bonded Leather especially for insoles, bottom soles, counters and toe puffs, uppers of open sandals, book binding, stationery items, leather goods like purses, wallets, jewelry boxes, hand bags, sunglasses cases, watch straps, etc. A very high performance Bonded Leather included in our FIBREBOND range of products is now widely being used in fabrication and export of millions of belts. As the application of Bonded Leather is extremely wide, we have categorized our product in three main categories.

Available Sheet Size : 56'' x 38'' (1.40 sqmt.)
From 0.40mm to 1.00mm, very soft and flexible, high tensile and tear resistant, coated with Acrylic and PU finishes and embossed in various leather designs. Very suitable for ladies hand bags, wallets, bookbindings, leather gift items, small leather goods etc. Also widely used in shoe lining.


In 1.20mm to 1.60mm and 2.80mm to 3.60, very soft, wrinkle resistant, smooth feel, for single strip and two strip reversible belts with high quality Acrylic and PU Coatings. Also available PU foil laminated Bonded Leather.


From .60mm to 4.00mm for insoles, moulded counters and interlining for bags and leather goods for wrinkle free support to leather. High quality Acrylic and PU coated sheets in thickness 2.00mm and above can be used for top and bottom soles in ladies sandals.