Leather goods
Bonded leather is an ideal raw material for the manufacture of leather goods such as suitcases, briefcases, handbags, wallets, document /credit cards holders, despads, dusbins, utility boxes, storage boxes, placemats, coasters etc.

Thanks to bonded leather produced by Fibretech Leathers a wide variety of products can be created with different rigidity or elasticity characteristics and in various thicknesses, manufactured in different colours and shades. Bonded leather by the company Fibretech Leathers can also be subjected to embossing and print.

These two particular processes allow obtaining a superior quality finished product compared to the initial raw product and, indirectly, embossed or printed bonded leather (or subjected to both processes) is applied in the field of leather goods as suitable material for the manufacture of the above mention products.

Bonded leather gives leather products a great visual and tactile effect.

The duration of these products is guaranteed over time and costs are lower than leather but of very high quality and aesthetic beauty.

Bonded leather by Fibretech Leathers is used by major brands all over the world to make hand bags, wallets, suitcases, office leather accessories, Home furnishing items, Hotel furnishing etc. of high aesthetic value and unmistakable quality.

Since 1978 Fibretech Leathers is considered a pioneer in the field of bonded leather and has grown over the years, constantly investing in research and development of new processing techniques, equipment and skilled personnel.

The company’s main objective is to offer customers a product capable of satisfying any request for style and usage.

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